• Passion

    Earliest I love boss products and support the brand. So I need audio speakers for my car, so that it was a no brainier to get boss. Since my entire car is supported by Boss radio, amps, and etc. I purchased this speakers after my first set of boss loudspeakers went out (chaos)set. We went with this audio system cause their watts. About my eventually off a week I got the install and they seemed ideal for a day. The next day out of those went to cutting in and out badly, so went I got off that day I went back to my installer an had he check everything. He explained to myself to come back them quickly cause one of the speakers was malfunctioning, so I contacted Amazon online marketplace. They are a great company the send me personally out replacement speakers in two days plus they appear great. But now Now i'm just waiting to see how long they previous? Basically could I would give no Stars to this product.

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